November 28th 2023    •    Posted in: Staff news

What does a SHEQ Coordinator do?

If you work in the construction industry, chances are you may have come across a SHEQ Coordinator. You have probably wondered what SHEQ stands for and what does a SHEQ Coordinator actually do?

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October 26th 2023    •    Posted in: Awards

Poundfield achieve Constructionline Gold membership

Poundfield Precast are pleased to announce that we are now a Constructionline Gold Member. Constructionline have been working with construction buyers and suppliers for 20 years, giving members the opportunity to access a wide range of procurement contracts and projects and buyers access to a validated pool of high quality suppliers.

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October 19th 2023    •    Posted in: Bespoke concrete, Betaloc, Retaining Walls, Ultra-low carbon concrete

How we helped build a new low carbon home for a polar bear at Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park

It’s not everyday we play a part in providing a new home for a polar bear, but this is exactly what happened when Jimmy’s Farm and Wildlife Park got in touch.

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September 21st 2023    •    Posted in: Bespoke concrete, Culverts

Precast concrete box culverts and wingwalls for Eastern Green, Coventry

We supplied 131 precast culverts units along with 96 wingwalls/headwalls. The culvert units weighed, on average, 10 tonnes and were manufactured under factory-controlled conditions using steel moulds.

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September 1st 2023    •    Posted in: Staff news

Poundfield Precast announce exciting new partnership that will unite and empower the team

In today’s world, and after experiencing a worldwide pandemic which changed how we live, we are accustomed to different ways of working.

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July 21st 2023    •    Posted in: Bespoke concrete

Suppling precast concrete arched bridge sections for the Hazlehurst Lock Bridge restoration in Staffordshire

The historic Grade II Listed bridge near Endon in Staffordshire was irreparably damaged in 2020 during the repair of Hazlehurst Bottom Lock.

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July 20th 2023    •    Posted in: Beam and block

How PEPS flooring can help you achieve the new Part L standards

With a shift towards reducing carbon emissions by focusing on improving the building fabric, now is the time to start looking at alternative materials.

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June 26th 2023    •    Posted in: Bespoke concrete

New approach jetty at Tower Wharf, Northfleet

We manufactured 11 beams which were 9.5 metres long and weighed between 18 and 19 tonnes. In addition we produced 33 concrete slabs which varied in weight between 18 and 28 tonnes and were 5.38 metres long.

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