Precast concrete terracing units

Precast concrete terracing units

Precast concrete terracing can be used in many applications including sports stadiums, concert halls, lecture theatres, gardens, cinemas and auditoriums.

They are required to provide safe access to tiered seating for spectators, with walkways allowing movement. A terrace may include a balcony wall, walkway or area for disabled access.

Typically these can be large scale and often high-profile projects where time, as well as cost and quality, is critical. One of the main advantages of pre-fabricating concrete terraced units off-site is that it enables better control of the installation process. Construction of the terrace is not subject to weather delays on-site and the manufacturing can be programmed in to coincide with the installation deadlines.

Poundfield Precast are able to manufacture bespoke terracing solutions to your specific design requirements. We can use both wood and steel moulds depending on the quantity of units required.

As part of your terrace design, we are also able to construct precast vomitory panels. These are typically installed in stadiums or theatres, where a vomitory exit allows spectators or audience members to enter and exit the seating terrace onto the concourse or access route/emergency exit. Also offering protection from falling, collision and impact, we can manufacture vomitory walls to any size or shape required.

The choice of the concrete mix is also important and can be designed to ensure the correct structural and load bearing capability is achieved which can allow greater span lengths to be produced across structural members.

What are the benefits of precast concrete terrace units?

Precast concrete is well known for its durability and strength. It therefore provides the ideal foundation for tiered seating installations, being able to withstand a heavy load. It is also ideal for external settings where fluctuations in temperature and changeable weather conditions can occur.

Precast concrete terracing offers good noise reduction and vibration limiting qualities as opposed to terracing constructed with other materials. It can be customised with different colours and textures, such as to provide anti-slip safety surfacing.

Concrete is a robust material and is resistant to corrosion, acid attack and heavy impact making it a good choice for major projects where a long design life is required. It is also resistant to fire and will maintain its structural integrity making it a popular choice where large gatherings are expected.

Prefabricating precast concrete terrace units off-site reduces the health and safety risks of constructing them on-site using insitu methods. Often space is an important consideration during construction projects and by programming in a precast production schedule off site the units can be delivered when they are required, reducing the need to store or manoeuvre them around the site prior to being fitted.

What should you consider when specifying precast concrete terracing?

There are many considerations to take into account when designing your precast concrete terrace. The anticipated load and structural capability must be sufficient for the intended use, influenced by the intended capacity of the terrace. Provisions will need to be made depending upon what furniture or other equipment needs to be accommodated.

The design, including the size, shape and also the aesthetics of the terrace need to be taken into account and to make sure the units fit in with the overall architectural vision for the project. Constraints which may influence the design, such as difficult site access, transportation or logistics need to be considered and it may be possible to address these during the design stage so that the units are manufactured to reduce costs further down the pipeline.

Safety requirements are paramount features, such as anti-slip finishing and edge protection and these can be taken into account during the manufacturing process by the use of specialised formliners.

With more and more companies trying to achieve Net Zero the use of low and ultra-low carbon concrete mixes can play a major part. Poundfield Precast are committed to enhancing sustainability and reducing the environmental impact in the construction sector and have become the go-to company following their early pioneering work in this sector. We continue to develop our sustainable product range and since January 2022 every product we manufacture is now available in an ultra-low carbon concrete option.

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