Precast concrete lift shafts

Precast concrete lift shafts

Precast concrete lift shafts have become a lot more popular in recent years due to the ease and speed that a lift shaft can be built. Coupled with the reduction in health and safety risks that can accompany construction using traditional blockwork or in-situ works, the use of pre-built modular concrete lift shafts offers many advantages.

Produced under a factory-controlled environment our bespoke modular units offer a consistency of product which can dramatically reduce the time involved for the construction of a lift shaft. The construction of a lift shaft within a building can often delay progress on the main project especially if poured concrete is being used. With precast concrete lift shafts the amount of time required to install the shaft is significantly reduced, leading to cost savings and fewer delays to the whole project.

On site, the lift shaft units are lifted into position with a site crane and additional modules are placed on a bedding compound in between each unit. The lift units are simply installed one of top of another to form the lift shaft.

Precast concrete lift shafts
Precast concrete lift shafts

Benefits of precast concrete lift shafts

As the lift shafts are manufactured offsite each unit is produced under exacting conditions using a steel mould and the production is not affected by weather conditions which minimises disruption onsite.

The units offer a safer method of construction compared with the use of in-situ poured concrete or blockwork as it removes the need for heavy manual construction requirements whilst working at height. In most cases the need for temporary works can be reduced or eliminated.

The speed of installation is one of the biggest advantages of going down the modular route and, depending on the height required, the lift shaft can be installed in just 24 hours.

The precast concrete lift shafts can have lifting eyes cast into the design and which removes the need for a lifting beam to be used.

At the design stage we can incorporate in fire resistance requirements to fit in with our customers specifications.

Concrete Lift Steel Mould
Concrete Lift Precast

What options are available?

Poundfield Precast produce single lift shafts and we routinely manufacture bespoke designs. Our steel moulds are modular which means we are able to produce different sizes with different wall thicknesses, designed specifically around our customers individual projects.

The stackable modular units can be designed with door openings, and we are able to produce both roof slabs and lift pits.

Cast-in fittings can be incorporated into the design to simplify and speed up the installation process.

In order to protect the lift pit from the damaging effects of water a water-resisting concrete admixture can be used.

We are happy to liaise with your lift supplier to ensure that the design of the shafts incorporate any necessary channels and inserts which may be required as well as ensuring that the shafts meet the manufacturers specifications.

For customers looking for a one-stop solution to their precast requirements Poundfield are ideally placed. We supply beam and block flooring, concrete stairs and landings, along with a wide range of retaining walls to companies throughout the UK and by offering lift shafts we are able to provide a complete solution for your construction project.

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