Hazardous protection using precast concrete

Used in a variety of industries, including at nuclear power stations, our concrete walls are designed to provide protection from hazardous materials.

Hazardous Protection
Hazardous protection
Hazardous protection

Heavyweight concrete acts as shielding from hazardous materials for nuclear and medical purposes. The higher the density of the concrete, and the thicker it is, the more effective the material is at reducing the radiation’s intensity. We can create bespoke solutions using heavy natural aggregates with a higher density than our normal blocks to reduce this radioactivity. A higher density concrete means a thinner wall can be used, saving space on-site.

At Sizewell A nuclear power station we supplied a number of Alfablocs® to construct a shield wall to reduce ‘shine’ or radiation. The power station is currently being decommissioned, with interlocking Alfablocs® being used to surround the active waste facility building during this process.

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