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Precast concrete sinkers have a multitude of uses in the maritime world, from mooring and navigation to fishing. These long-lasting concrete weights provide stability and balance to buoys, navigation marks and fishing lines.

Their durability and heaviness make them extremely effective in anchoring floating structures, vessels and stabilising underwater equipment, ensuring that they remain in position and can perform their function successfully.

In mooring and navigation, precast concrete sinkers are employed to maintain the balance of mooring buoys and navigation marks. They are usually connected by a heavy mooring chain also known as a ‘riser’ and mooring eyes. The sinker is positioned on the Assigned Position (AP) to provide weight, preventing buoys or markers from drifting or being easily displaced by strong currents, tides, waves or winds. By securely anchoring these markers, concrete sinkers ensure safe navigation and provide vital information to mariners.

At Poundfield Precast Ltd, a mould is used to create the shape of the sinker. It is possible to add reinforcement to the precast sinker by creating wire loops or embedding wire mesh within the concrete mix. Appropriate wire reinforcement ensures that the sinkers withstand the forces exerted on them during use, preventing premature failure or breakage. By using a mould, precast concrete sinkers can be mass produced if needed, making them a cost-effective option for anchoring marine structures. No matter what quantity is required, they can be easily transported to the location and dropped into position.

Bespoke concrete sinkers from Poundfield
Bespoke concrete sinkers from Poundfield

In certain situations, specialised maritime applications require a more bespoke precast concrete sinker design. There are several factors to be considered when specifying your sinker size and weight, such as the depth of water, seabed conditions, strength of the tide, exposure of the buoy or marker and of course the weight and design of the structure that is being anchored. Depending upon your particular needs, we can produce concrete sinkers that conform to specific shapes, sizes and weight distributions and you can be confident that they will be of a uniform high quality.

Precast concrete sinkers have a long lifespan. As a highly durable material, concrete can withstand harsh environmental conditions and is resistant to saltwater, UV exposure and corrosion, thus reducing the need for frequent replacements or maintenance. They are also a sustainable choice when it comes to preserving marine environments. As concrete is a non-toxic, inert material, it does not contribute to water pollution or harm marine life making them an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lead sinkers which can have detrimental effects on marine ecosystems.

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