Our precast components are used across a number of industries, including construction, energy & utilities, marine & coastal and agricultural.

Comprising six core products, our retaining wall range provides solutions to a number of industry-specific difficulties. Whether creating storage bays in the agricultural or waste & recycling sectors, or a flood wall in a marine environment, these products are versatile and hard wearing, even under the toughest of use.

Additionally, the flexibility of our casting process means we can produce one-off moulds to suit bespoke uses in these industries.


Poundfield Precast Ltd offer a great range of precast concrete wall products suitable for your farming and agricultural needs.

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Waste & recycling

Waste management concrete products is a growing industry and our precast and prestressed range provide a variety of applications across the sector.

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Poundfield Precast Ltd offer a great range of precast concrete products suitable for your construction solutions including foundations, beams, floors and walls.

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Ports & shipping

Precast concrete plays an increasingly important role in the ports & shipping industry. As ever more bulk materials are stored on-site prior to delivery, storage solutions are becoming more and more necessary.

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Energy & utilities

Poundfield Precast Ltd offer a great range of precast concrete retaining wall products suitable for energy & utilities. Our specialist sales team are on hand to guide and assist you through the range of products and accessories we offer and answer any questions you may have.

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Concrete security wall construction is made easy with our fast, interlocking units which offer an ideal solution to protect or secure a site.

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