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L-Bloc® Pre-stressed L Shaped Interlocking Concrete Retaining Wall

The L-Bloc® is the only prestressed interlocking L shape retaining wall on the market offering an ideal solution for the storage of soils, aggregates, silage, grain and many other bulk materials.

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Excellent durability & longevity

Manufactured from high strength C60 concrete, with minimum 30mm cover to steel, the units provide excellent durability against most exposure conditions (up to very severe conditions in accordance with BS 8110). The units require a suitable concrete foundation that has been designed by a qualified engineer to ensure ground bearing and stability requirements are met.

Units are then lined, levelled and ground fixed through the preformed holes in the base using resin anchors. A unique tongue and groove joint down each side prevents misalignment of the walls, either during installation, or due to uneven loading. It also provides an ideal joint detail which can be sealed if required.

L-Bloc® Retaining Wall
L-Bloc® Retaining Wall

The L-Bloc® retaining wall solution comes in 10 different sizes

Standard wall units are produced up to 3.65m in height, (weight 2.2 tonnes), but greater heights of up to 6m can be supplied depending on loading conditions and use. All units are designed to accommodate loading from either side of the wall if required.

Designed in accordance with BS8110 (Parts 1&2) ‘L’ blocs above 2.4m have a prestressed concrete stem. This offers the advantage of a much lighter unit than a conventionally reinforced ‘L’ shaped wall, with the added benefits of reduced transport and installation costs.

Experience has shown the units can withstand significant misuse by mechanical plant used to move retained material. However, as with any relatively thin walled concrete structure, they will suffer damage with persistent and negligent striking by mechanical plant.

L Shaped Interlocking Sizes

L-Bloc® Retaining Wall
L-Bloc® Retaining Wall

Advantages of the L-Bloc® retaining wall

  • Ideal for grain walling, waste separation, bulk storage, recycling materials.
  • Easy installation, with unique tongue and groove system.
  • Pre-stressed and interlocking, to create robust wall.
  • All units are designed to accommodate loading from either side of the wall. No reverse heel.
  • Up to 2.0m wide, making it quicker to install.
  • Lighter weight and nested delivery.
Retaining Wall
L-Bloc® retaining wall solution

Accessories for the L-bloc® Precast Concrete Retaining Wall System

Corner Sections

Allows the concrete retaining wall system to be continuous and ‘gap’ free. The corner section is the perfect solution if you are trying to achieve a stand alone storage area where the corner units are placed at right angles. The concrete corner section is designed to fill the gap for both internal and external use (i.e. foot in, foot out).

Corner brackets

To secure the corner sections in place a horizontal connecting strap can be attached to the corner unit to provide additional support against the load. The corner bracket will prevent movement and slippage of the corner section.

Ground fixings

The ground fixing kit is available to provide an even more secure surface attachment. If you are looking to create a more permanent structure, either immediately or at a later point in time, the L-Bloc® is designed to allow for ground fixing. The kit comes with all required steel and bolts, together with a tube of resin. Resin applicator sold separately.

Lifting attachment

The lifting attachment allows for easy and safe lifting, with cast in anchor points to create an equilibrium thus enabling a level lift. Designed to specific requirements of the L-Bloc® design, the lifting attachment is the most efficient method of installing the units.

Sealant & applicator

The tongue and groove design of the L-Bloc® allows for a seamless join to the units. However to achieve an effective seal we can provide sealant which can be applied between the units. A sealant applicator is also available, and is sold separately.

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