Concrete solar panels ballast blocks

Concrete ballast blocks for solar panels

Ground mounted solar panel systems require support. In areas where penetration of the ground is difficult or restricted for archaeological or safety reasons, our reinforced concrete blocks are the perfect solution, providing ballast to support these solar panels above ground.

Our solar panel ballast blocks are designed to provide support to multiple panels. Available in all standard sizes, the blocks can also be built to your exact requirements. Designed with cast-in lifting points for ease of handling, these blocks can be relocated if required and should outlive the lifespan of the panels themselves.

An environmentally friendly solution, using blocks instead of penetrating the land means a field can be quickly returned to agricultural use if required.

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Free-standing concrete bases for solar panels

An example of free-standing concrete bases being used to support solar panels can be seen at Wellingborough solar farm. Due to an archaeological restriction on part of the land, our bespoke division manufactured 275 reinforced concrete blocks, this allowed a group of panels to be erected without the need for excavation.

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