Bespoke concrete bridges

Precast concrete bridge beams

Poundfield Precast are BSI accredited manufacturers of precast concrete and experts in designing and manufacturing bespoke concrete and precast concrete bridge beams. Our products are not ‘off-the-shelf’; instead, we work with you to offer specialist solutions for your needs at a competitive price whilst maintaining a high-quality finish.

Concrete bridge beams can be a competitive solution as they be incorporated easily, safely and quickly, especially in comparison to in-situ. Our precast concrete bridge beams are constructed using reusable moulds built to our client’s specifications and are then cured in a factory controlled environment which allows for a consistent finish, and minimises any external disturbances that would affect the curing process.

Acknowledging the need for major road diversions and road closures on most bridge replacement projects, we will always look to cast unit’s sufficiently in advance of delivery to ensure the minimum amount of disruption. In turn this often leads to on site savings and a positive response from local residents towards the main contractor.

Precast Concrete Bridge Beams
Precast Concrete Bridge Beams

BSI accredited manufacturers

We can provide beams in a variety of shapes to suit a variety of situations including Domestic, Commercial and Highways.

We produce beams up to 20 tonnes in weight, making them versatile options on many projects.

Construction costs can be a make-or-break deal when working with suppliers. With Poundfield Precast, our teams work closely with our clients from the start to discuss the designs and calculations prior to moulding the bride beams, which allow for minimal material waste and swift delivery of the final product to your site.

In constructing our precast bridge beams, we are also aware of our environmental impact, and will reduce wherever possible wastage and energy consumption.

Options for concrete bridge decks

We can also help with the supply of bespoke concrete bridge abutments – substructure components that support the main bridge and embankment that the bridge is up against.

Waterproofing – we are able to waterproof our bridge beams using products such as MasterPel to ensure that the concrete beams have increased durability against the weather. Concrete treated with MasterPel provides outstanding resistance to water migration, excellent efflorescence control, and optimised pigment dispersion. It also reduces the need for post-applied sealers.

Bitumen paint finish – we can also offer a bitumen paint finish which forms a waterproof, weatherproof, corrosion resistant protective coating. It is resistant to low concentrations of alkalis and acids and can withstand prolonged oxidation.

Using innovative mould techniques, we can supply a range of bespoke concrete finishes for the bridge beams and deck depending on what is required.

Exposed bars can also be incorporated for further connections to the bridge structure.

concrete bridge decks
Precast Concrete Bridge Beams

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As each project is different, Poundfield Precast can produce a bespoke solution for you. Our high quality precast concrete bridge beams can be made to your exact specification.

For further information please contact our bespoke department by email or by telephoning 01449 723150.

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