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Waste management concrete products is a growing industry and our precast and prestressed range provide a variety of applications across the sector.


Poundfield Precast Ltd offer a great range of precast concrete retaining wall products suitable for your waste & recycling storage solutions.

The wide product range offers a variety of applications – all designed and built to withstand the considerable loading and impact of waste management and also helps minimise the risk of cross contamination.

Health & safety is very important in any workplace setting, but especially so in the waste management industry with one of the 4th most common hazards being storage. Here at Poundfield we work closely with your company to make sure storage areas/storage bays are the correct specification for your requirements.

Our specialist sales team are on hand to guide and assist you through the range of products and accessories we offer and answer any questions you may have.

Our installation team is available for both the initial instalments and also if you need to reconfigure storage areas at a later time.

Anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion waste plant is an important technology for producing energy from waste. With a number of opportunities arising from anaerobic digestion waste plants, from renewable energy to fertiliser, we have the manufacturing expertise and solutions to ensure you have the correct storage area for your biomass.

It is important to ensure that biomass is retained within a secure area. Whether this is for your own on-site digestion or storage for transfer to a larger anaerobic digestion waste plant, when dealing with waste there is a legal responsibility to ensure that storage does not harm the environment.

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Green waste site

Managing a green waste site – whether you deal in wood waste, biomass, composting, or any other green waste activity – it is important that your waste storage areas are purposeful and built to deal with the pressures of loading and machinery used in the day to day operations.

Whether you are operating inside a storage barn or freestanding storage outside, we offer a flexible solution for every need. Our specialist concrete retaining wall systems such as push walls, storage bays, or a dividing wall can be used to maximise your space.

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Waste recycling

It is important for a waste transfer station or material waste recycling facility to have the right structure in place which can handle the variety of stresses and impact from storing and moving waste materials.

Experience has shown that our concrete products can withstand significant abuse by mechanical plant used in dealing with waste recycling.

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Energy from waste

Energy from Waste (EfW) sites has significant use for precast concrete products, which are more commonly preferred to the in situ options.

When building a EfW site, from the storage bunker to the bottom ash area, a precast concrete wall is ideal for offering a flexible and quick construction solution. Our wall panels are interlocking and can be bolted to a steel frame, providing a safe a secure fitting. Our bespoke team can design the wall panels to your specification and needs, working in conjunction with other advisors.

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Our experienced sales team is always on hand to help and advise you on the features and benefits of all of our products and would be more than happy to help you discuss the wide variety of options on offer for your waste & recycling projects.

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