Precast Concrete Electric Vehicle Charger Bases and Slabs

As sustainable transport methods become increasingly sought after, electric vehicles are growing in popularity and the focus then turns to the charging infrastructure.

At Poundfield Precast we work with EV companies, manufacturing bespoke electric vehicle charger bases and slabs which are easy to install and are cost effective.

The benefits of precast concrete electric vehicle charger bases and slabs

When pouring concrete in-situ, installing public charging stations can be a time-consuming, labour-intensive process with a high degree of waste. With our precast concrete charging bases the speed at which charging stations can be constructed can be significantly reduced. Manufactured off-site using a concrete mould, we can produce multiple charging bases and slabs, all to the same design and specification, maintaining uniformity and quality no matter how many units are required.

Engineered to be strong and durable, they provide a stable foundation for the chargers to be mounted upon. Unlike traditional charging stations, which are often affixed to metal stands, our robust charging bases can withstand potential impacts, which is vital in busy areas where the chargers may be in constant use and will help ensure their longevity and reliability.

With their precast design, our concrete charging bases and slabs can be quickly installed which is crucial for scaling up the infrastructure network and meeting the growing demand for electric vehicle charging.

Our electric vehicle charging bases are designed working in conjunction with our customers. With a small footprint, easy installation is possible in tight spaces without compromising on functionality and its adaptable design makes it possible to use with different charger types and technologies.

In addition to providing a sturdy foundation for charging stations, precast concrete EV charger bases offer opportunities for integrating additional features such as security cameras and sensor lights. These features enhance the functionality and safety of the charging stations, providing users with added convenience and peace of mind.

Concrete is a highly durable material that requires minimal maintenance over its lifespan. With a long design life the need to replace the units is greatly reduced. EV technology is designed to reduce our carbon emissions, and to compliment this we are able to offer both low carbon and ultra -low carbon electric vehicle charger bases. By choosing precast concrete bases, stakeholders in the EV charging industry can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable transportation solutions.

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