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Concrete blocks, channels and retaining walls

Poundfield Precast Ltd offer a great range of precast concrete retaining wall products suitable for energy & utilities. Our specialist sales team are on hand to guide and assist you through the range of products and accessories we offer and answer any questions you may have.


There has been a growing trend in renewable energy diversification as technology, economics and environmental issues drive the need for alternative energy generation. Harnessing energy from a range of different sources is becoming more and more popular and efficient. One such form is anaerobic digestion; the controlled breakdown of waste matter to produce combustible biogas and nutrient-rich organic by-products. Another is by utilising the sun with the installation of solar parks. This offers a cost-effective way to maximise yield from low-grade agricultural land.

Hazardous protection

Used in a variety of industries, including at nuclear power stations, our concrete walls are designed to provide protection from hazardous materials.

We can create bespoke solutions using heavy natural aggregates with a higher density than our normal blocks to reduce the intensity of radiation.

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Solar panel bases

Ground mounted solar panel systems require support. In areas where penetration of the ground is difficult or restricted for archaeological or safety reasons, our reinforced concrete blocks are the perfect solution, providing ballast to support these solar panels above ground.

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Bespoke channels

Whether transporting water in flood defence systems or protecting cables for communications or power, our bespoke channels are heavy duty and robust, to protect from water and the elements.

Our precast channels have been designed and manufactured to hold up for decades.

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Waste to energy

Energy from Waste (EfW) sites have significant uses for precast concrete products, which are more commonly preferred to the in situ options.

When building a EfW site, from the storage bunker to the bottom ash area, a precast concrete wall is ideal for offering a flexible and quick construction solution.

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