Concrete retaining walls for ballistic protection

Our retaining walls can be used for ballistic protection at substations, power stations, shooting ranges and more.

In environments where security is a priority, our retaining walls are able to provide protection from blasts and ballistics.

While not bulletproof, the double layers of our Alfabloc™ will effectively ‘stop’ a bullet. Not only this, but the angled sides will deflect a projectile before it has a chance to penetrate directly. Also able to offer blast protection in the event of an explosion, absorbing and reflecting the impact, the Alfabloc™ is a good choice to protect glass windows as well as your people.

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Ballistic Protection
Ballistic Protection

Concrete is also known for its fire protection qualities. Non-combustible, concrete has a slow rate of heat transfer, providing excellent shielding from heat in the event of an incident.

Retaining walls are maintenance-free and long-lasting, providing protection from terrorists to potentially vulnerable buildings for many years.

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