Precast concrete crash barriers

Concrete crash barriers provide a simple and effective security solution for construction sites by blocking vehicular access, thereby preventing trespassers, vandals or fly tippers gaining access to private property.

Precast concrete crash barriers can provide instant security to protect premises, land and construction sites. Preventing unauthorised vehicular access to private property, crash barriers can also be used in directing the flow of traffic and protecting pedestrians in civil situations.

A modular system, the blocks can be used singularly, or easily combined to create a strong barrier. With a high level of breach resistance, the blocks provide effective protection against ram raiders or fly tippers, especially when blocking entrances and gateways, or other vulnerable points.

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Concrete barriers are almost impossible to move without specialised equipment but are fitted with lifting points for easy installation, and can be easily manoeuvred into place and reconfigured with the correct equipment, if required.

Available in a range of sizes, the blocks act as a visual as well as a physical deterrent, and can also be painted in your company colours to advertise your business, whilst protecting your property.

SigmaRoc has exclusive UK rights for the Road Zipper System, made by Lindsay Corporation. Lindsay’s Road Zipper System consists of T-shaped moveable barriers that are connected to form a continuous wall, which is used globally and accepted by many highways agencies, including Highways England.

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