Precast concrete wave walls

Precast concrete wave walls

Wave walls (or wave return walls) have been specifically designed to catch, deflect and redirect sea water as it hits the wall. Their distinctive curves replicate the appearance of a wave and in doing so the amount of erosion that occurs at the base of the wall is reduced. They are often positioned parallel to the coastline to break up the force of incoming waves.

In designing concrete wave walls consideration needs to be made for a multitude of factors. Understanding the expected wave height, wave periods and direction of wave approach all need to be considered, as does the grouping of waves and the wave run up. These will influence the height, length and angle of the resulting wave wall. Estimates also need to be made to understand what the overtopping hazard is (the amount of water which might come over the wall in stormy conditions).

The shape of a wave wall not only offers an effective solution to deflect water, it also offers a more aesthetically appealing solution than a vertical slab of concrete.  Often used in tourist areas, concrete wave walls can help complement the surrounding environment by blending in and matching the shoreline environment where it’s located, rather than detracting from the landscape.

Wave walls are designed with a curved shape that can redirect the waves and reduce their impact. They are often used in areas with complex wave patterns or where there are multiple directions of wave approach. They help deflect water and spray, which can be important if in a tourist area to protect people walking near to the top of the wall.

Wave Wall Precast Mould
Precast concrete wave walls

Wave walls need to be designed to withstand the forces of waves, storms, and extreme weather events over their expected lifespan and that’s why reinforced precast concrete is the perfect material.

Precast concrete wave walls offer many advantages to a sea defence project. By being manufactured in factory-controlled environments the units offer significant time savings during the installation process. Due to the innovative shape, creating similar shapes using insitu techniques and shuttering isn’t a realistic option. Being able to routinely achieve high specifications in terms of durability and finish, on a consistent basis, can offer significant time and therefore cost savings to a sea defence project.

Poundfield Precast manufacture wave return walls in various sizes and shapes depending upon your projects requirements. Onsite the installation process is quick and easy and the walls are lifted in to position using cast-in anchor points.

We are also able to add colours to the mix to produce a wall which blends in more with the local environment, as we recently did for the Regent Cinema project in Redcar, which is located on a beach. We can also produce access steps and revetment units to complement the wave walls.

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