Bespoke Precast Concrete


Concrete security walling

Concrete security wall construction is made easy with our fast, interlocking units which offer an ideal solution to protect or secure a site.


Our precast concrete product range includes freestanding systems which can be used to create temporary walls. This flexible option allows you to move or adjust your wall easily.

For a more permanent security wall we also manufacture units that can be ground fixed or cast-in. These offer even greater resistance to impact. All our products are tested to withstand significant use and abuse.

Our specialist sales team are on hand to guide and assist you through the range of products we offer and answer any questions you may have.

Ballistic Protection

In environments where security is a priority, our retaining walls are able to provide protection from blasts and ballistics.

Non-combustible, concrete provides excellent shielding from heat, with our Alfabloc™ system able to effectively slow a bullet and absorb the impact of an explosion.

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Site Security

Site security can be improved with the use of precast concrete. Concrete blocks, retaining walls and our Alfastop® fencing base system can protect a site from intruders and theft.

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Crash barriers

Precast concrete crash barriers can provide instant security to protect premises, land and construction sites. Preventing unauthorised vehicular access to private property, crash barriers can also be used in directing the flow of traffic and protecting pedestrians.

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Hazardous protection

Heavyweight concrete acts as shielding from hazardous materials for nuclear and medical purposes.

We can create bespoke solutions using heavy natural aggregates with a higher density than our normal blocks to reduce the intensity of radiation.

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Perimeter walling

Concrete security wall construction is made easy with our fast, interlocking concrete walling systems.

The ideal solution to protect or secure a site.

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