Dividing walls for ports

Dividing walls for ports

Concrete dividing walls can be used to create storage bays for the separation of a number of bulk products transported and stored in ports. Whether you are looking to install a temporary divide or an external storage bunker, we have the solution for you.

Our concrete dividing wall systems offer the ability to have a temporary, freestanding, durable dividing wall to suit your needs. Suited for a changing requirement for storage, the ability to move your walling system to meet those needs is of significant benefit.

Alternatively, for a more permanent fixing, we manufacture units that can be bolted down or cast in. In some cases, the loading requirements dictate that the units must be ground fixed, giving you the security that the wall will withstand the pressure of loading.

Whether storing aggregates, agribulk, dry bulk, recycled material or timber & wood products, concrete dividing walls provide a safe and secure solution to prevent the cross-contamination of divided products.

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