Bespoke precast concrete cover slabs

Bespoke precast concrete cover slabs

Poundfield Precast are able to design and manufacture a totally bespoke solution for concrete cover slabs, where an off-the-shelf option is just not available.

Concrete cover slabs are used in a wide variety of construction projects and often act as a strong and safe platform to cover inspection chambers, surface boxes, catch pits and high voltage cable installations. Where they are used to reduce the size of an access point opening they can also be referred to as reducing slabs.

We have manufactured a wide range of bespoke cover slabs for projects throughout the UK where a heavy duty reinforced solution is required, for example in airports and seaports.

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Bespoke precast concrete cover slabs
Bespoke precast concrete cover slabs
Bespoke Precast

Advantages of precast concrete cover slabs

  • The use of a precast reinforced concrete cover slab can save a significant amount of time compared with the construction of a manhole base in-situ. Often they are quicker and cheaper to install, and because they are produced in a controlled environment they are of a consistent high quality, resulting in less waste on site.
  • Using a precast concrete slab can improve site safety compared with using wet concrete in situ, as the need to for people to be working in difficult and wet conditions is reduced.
  • The cover slabs sit on the chamber walls and distribute the weight of traffic loads and the risk of settlement and failure of the cover is reduced.
  • As the cover slabs are made to a specific design when they are delivered to site they can be simply and quickly placed in the correct position without the need for lengthy site operations, compared with using in situ methods.
  • By using quality controlled processes in a controlled manufacturing environment the quality and finish of our cover slabs is of a much more consistent standard than could be achieved on site.
  • The service life of a precast concrete cover slab is significant.

Concrete cover slabs
Bespoke solution
Precast concrete cover slab

Our precast concrete manufacturing department

We can either work with your own designs and manufacture from your own drawings, or our design team can help create a bespoke solution for you using AutoCAD. Typically we supply one piece cover slabs, which can weigh up to 18 tonnes each, but we can also produce slabs which can be slotted together to cover a larger area for easier handling. We are also able to cast in Gatic covers as part of our manufacturing process, which can save additional time and wet works on site.

We offer bespoke moulds ranging from simple one-off casts in timber moulds, using appropriate and good quality plywood, produced by our own highly experienced team of carpenters, through to fully engineered steel moulds that are capable of producing an unlimited number of repeat casts.

We are also able to supply cover slabs which comply with Highways Agency specifications

To find out more or to get a quote for a project you are working on please get in contact with our bespoke department on 01449 723150.

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Our experienced sales team is always on hand to help and advise you on the features and benefits of all of our bespoke concrete products. We would be more than happy to help you discuss the wide variety of options on offer.

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