Bespoke Precast Concrete

Marquee Ballast Blocks from 100 to 2000 Kgs

Poundfield Precast's concrete marquee blocks are specifically designed for the purpose of securing marquees, tents and temporary structures for the events industry.

We offer a range of marquee ballast blocks in various weights which are perfect for securing marquees and other temporary structures for the events industry. They are quick and easy to install.

The ballast blocks can be supplied with or without forklift pockets. We can also supply additional fixing methods such as eye-bolts and cast-in holes for lifting hoops depending upon your requirements.

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Marquee Ballast Blocks
Bespoke marquee ballast blocks

Dimensions & Weights of our Concrete Ballast Blocks

Marquee Ballast Blocks

Marquee Ballast Blocks Options

The blocks can also be supplied branded with your company name on them or can be plain (unmarked). This can be useful to promote your brand at the event and also lowers the risk of blocks going missing during the event breakdown.

The weight of the block can be imprinted onto the block, again making it easier for staff handling the blocks by forklift to assess risks.

The blocks are flat sided and do not interlock.

The edges of the blocks are chamfered which reduces damage during use.

A wide range of colours are also available (view our fact sheet for examples).

Specialist Concrete Finishes
branded concrete blocks

Get in touch with our bespoke concrete manufacturing department

Our bespoke marquee ballast blocks can be manufactured to an individual projects’ specification. For further information please contact our bespoke department by email or by telephoning 01449 723150.