Environmental policy

Poundfield Precast takes its environmental responsibility very serious and are continually working to improve the impact our business has on the environment.

The principles of our Environmental Policy are:

  • Environmental protection comprises the totality of all measures and practices for the prevention of, impact on, or damage to, the environment. Particular regard is given to clean air, noise pollution, water pollution, waste management, and soil protection.
  • Environmental protection is one of our fundamental Company policies, and is an area in which we constantly strive for continuous improvement.
  • High quality products, optimum cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive environmental protection, are to be assigned equal importance in their realisation.
  • Environmental protection is the duty of all employees. The development and sustainability of the environmental awareness of employees is an ongoing management responsibility.
  • Environmental protection measures must be adapted to technical changes to products, protections facilities and processes.
  • Laws, legislation, legal orders and other regulations, as well as provision laid down by public authorities, applicable to our sites and other sites in which our employees are working, are to be strictly observed as a principle of legality.
  • Where risk of personal injury of material damage is affected, all reasonable measures, as far as is reasonably practicable, will be implemented to prevent such injury or damage occurring, even without special regulations.
  • Measures to prevent / reduce purely ecological impact, even where there is no special regulations demand and there is no risk of injury or material damage, are also an integral part of environmental protection.
  • This policy shall be renewed every 12 months, or after any significant changes to materials or procedures, or other incidents.