Flow management

Precast concrete for water flow management

Precast Concrete is often used as part of the flow management of water. It offers a cost-effective off-site solution. Our bespoke precast concrete culverts offer you the perfect design for your situation.

Used to maintain the flow of water whenever a physical obstruction is encountered, or to allow for transport links over the top of a waterway, reinforced concrete culvert sections from Poundfield Precast are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and built to be long lasting.

Most commonly used to divert the course of a waterway, the smoothness of the concrete allows for optimal flow through the channel. Strong and durable, concrete culverts are perfect for use underground, with their non-corrosive properties and ability to withstand heavy loads passing over them giving them the advantage over steel or plastic. Box culverts can provide high flow capacities, even where the gradient is low.

Circular and elliptical precast concrete pipes are used in surface water drainage applications, the diversion of waterways, and attenuation tanks. Concrete channels can also be used in maintaining the flow of water.

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Water Flow management
Precast Concrete Culverts

We create bespoke concrete culverts rather than offer an off-the-shelf solution. This means that you don’t have to compromise your project around an existing shape or size. Instead, we will create a specific mould for your particular job.

We offer concrete box culverts which are typically enclosed on four sides along with three-sided culverts as well, but we can accommodate a range of different options within the design such as casting a vee shaped floor to improve flow rates and to help with self cleansing. Cast in lifting pins can also be included in the manufacturing process, leading to an easier and safer install process on site. Mammal ledges can be incorporated to make the culvert mammal friendly by adding a shelf within the units to allow animals to pass through safely.

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