Betaloc® precast concrete interlocking building blocks

Betaloc® precast concrete interlocking building blocks

The Betaloc® is Poundfield Precast's concrete brick style of interlocking building blocks, which provides a highly flexible construction system.

Ideal retaining wall system Rapid and flexible construction Permanent and temporary applications Expandable and moveable

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Interlocking concrete blocks size

Our standard Betaloc unit is 800 x 800 x 1,600 mm long, made of solid precast concrete and weighs approximately 2.4 tonnes. With 2 lifting points the units are quick and easy to install, thanks to the stacking design of the units provided by an interlocking system. We also produce a half unit allowing for a flush finish to your walling, if required, which is 800mm in length.

We recommend a maximum height of 3-4 bricks dependent on use.

Betaloc® precast concrete interlocking building blocks Sizes
Weight2.40 tonnes1.20 tonnes

We supplied Betaloc® to some of the UK’s largest companies

Sackers | Ipswich, Suffolk
Fram Farmers
Owls Hall Farm

Ultra-low carbon concrete

As a major precast concrete manufacturer, we recognise the contribution we can make to help our customers lower their carbon footprint and since January 2022 every product currently manufactured by Poundfield Precast is available in an ultra-low carbon concrete option which can save up to 76% in embodied CO2 compared to a conventional concrete.

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