Precast Concrete Cable Pits

When it comes to electrical installations, precast concrete cable pits play a vital role in securing, protecting and providing an accessible location for cable terminations, jointing and maintenance.

At Poundfield Precast our precast cable pits are manufactured using a high strength concrete and are specifically designed and engineered to meet industry and installation requirements, ensuring they can protect valuable assets even in the harshest environmental conditions. In addition to this, our precast concrete cable pits can be manufactured to cater for different load ratings, which means they can withstand heavy traffic from above making them suitable for major roads, warehouses and loading docks.

Concrete is known for its excellent resistance to various environmental factors and can withstand exposure to water, fire and chemicals, making it a reliable choice of material for long-term installations. This resistance ensures the integrity of the pit and protects the cables and other electrical components housed within it. Our pits are constructed using high-quality materials and techniques, guaranteeing their longevity even in the most challenging conditions.

Precast concrete cable pits provide secure protection and can be manufactured with rebated top edges to accommodate precast or GRP mesh lift off lids depending on site requirements, offering easy access for maintenance and repairs. Manufactured from heavy duty concrete, they offer a secure encasement protecting cables and other electrical components from damage or tampering. Poundfield Precast also offer reinforced precast concrete pits which provides additional reinforcement and enhances their overall robustness, ensuring outstanding protection for the electrical cables and components kept inside.

Our precast concrete cable pits are customisable and can be manufactured in different shapes and sizes according to project requirements, allowing for flexibility in design and installation. With options for a robust cover and additional depth, your access preferences can be accommodated in the design proposal.

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All our cable pits are available in either low carbon or cement free options. By removing or reducing the cement in the concrete mix, the carbon produced during the manufacturing process is reduced but the cable pits still retain the durability, strength and fire resistance, characteristic of traditional 100% cement based concrete cable pits.

Our off-site manufacture and modular design enable efficient installation of the cable pits on site, minimising disruptions to ongoing operations. This also reduces the number of traffic deliveries to the site, minimises site storage and waste and eliminates several variables, improving the overall reliability of the construction programme saving both time and money during the installation process. They can be fitted with cast in lifting anchors which provider safer and easier handling and manoeuvring.

Some additional benefits of precast concrete cable pits are that they can be buried at depth which means they can help to protect cabling from changes in weather and temperature, such as freezing and overheating, and they are non-conductive to electricity.

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