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Alfastop® Precast Concrete Security Barriers

The Alfastop® is the quick and easy alternative to using traditional site hoarding or fencing. Designed to work with a standard Heras fence, these instant barriers can be used for temporary fencing around work zones, hazardous areas and for traffic control.

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Alfastop® Precast Concrete Security Barriers
Alfastop® Fencing Base System

Precast Concrete Security Fencing

In areas where instant security is required, the Alfastop® provides a quick and easy alternative to site hoarding or fencing. The Alfastop® precast concrete fencing solution is used to protect building sites, businesses, private land, industrial estates, airports and more.

As well as being ideal for perimeter fencing, the Alfastop® can also be used to protect your workforce and visitors from hazards on site.

Simple to reconfigure or extend, wooden or metal posts can be inserted into the concrete base to provide instant security. Providing a temporary or permanent solution, the base design can be reused for a multitude of applications.

Forklift tine holes at the bottom also add ease of manoeuvrability and reconfiguration when required.

Alfastop® Precast Concrete Security Barriers
Alfastop® Precast Concrete Security Barriers

Advantages of the Alfastop®

  • Instant site security from the moment of delivery
  • Easy to reconfigure or extend your fencing
  • Offers a temporary or permanent solution
  • Reusable for multiple applications
  • Added branding for your business is also an option
  • Alfastop® is designed specifically to work with a standard Heras fence
Alfastop® Precast Concrete Security Barriers
Precast Concrete Security Fencing

Sizes of the Alfastop® Fencing Base System

Units come in two sizes 3m and 6m and weight up to 1.739 tonnes.

The Alfastop® has been tried and tested over many years of constant use and can withstand significant impact as well as withstanding extreme weather conditions.

Improving Site Security with Precast Concrete

We also offer other precast concrete retaining wall solutions for site security.

To prevent unauthorised vehicular access to private property, the Betaloc® XL is great for blocking access to construction sites, farmer’s fields and car parks. A highly flexible system, these blocks are a temporary solution and can be built up using a Lego brick style construction.

Extremely durable and difficult to move without the correct handling equipment, the Alfabloc® concrete retaining wall can provide security as a perimeter wall. An example of Alfabloc’s® being used as security walling can be seen at Colchester in Essex, where regional house builder Mersea Homes used them to secure their site.

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