Alfastop® precast concrete security barriers

Alfastop® precast concrete security barriers

The Alfastop® is the quick and easy alternative to using traditional site hoarding or fencing. Designed to work with a standard Heras fence, these instant barriers can be used for temporary fencing around work zones, hazardous areas and for traffic control.

Instant site security from the moment of delivery Easy to reconfigure or extend your fencing Offers a temporary or permanent solution Added branding for your business is also an option Alfastop® is designed specifically to work with a standard Heras fence

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Sizes of the Alfastop® fencing base system

Each Alfastop unit is 3.45 metres long and are available in two heights, 300mm and 600mm high.

The Alfastop® has been tried and tested over many years of constant use and can withstand significant impact as well as withstanding extreme weather conditions.

Alfastop® precast concrete security barriers Sizes
Weight0.725 tonnes1.739 tonnes

Ultra-low carbon concrete

As a major precast concrete manufacturer, we recognise the contribution we can make to help our customers lower their carbon footprint.

Since January 2022 every product currently manufactured by Poundfield Precast is available in an ultra-low carbon concrete option which can save up to 76% in embodied CO2 compared to a conventional concrete.

To find out how our ultra-low carbon concrete can help to reduce the carbon footprint of your next construction project get in touch with the team at Poundfield Precast.

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