Precast Concrete Dock Levellers

In warehouses and distribution centres, the efficient loading and unloading of goods is a critical factor for maintaining smooth operations and reducing the turnaround time of delivery vehicles. A key component when constructing concrete loading bays, is the installation of a precast concrete dock leveller.

The aim of a precast concrete dock leveller is to provide a level access for vehicle trailers by bridging the height difference and creating a smooth and safe transition for forklifts, pallet trucks and other material handling equipment moving goods between the trailer and the warehouse or facility floor.

Poundfield Precast supply all aspects of your precast concrete dock leveller including front elevation walls, side walls, rear walls and bridging slabs. We offer basic pit systems as well as closed pits, with and without a tailgate slot.

Precast Concrete Dock Levellers
Precast Concrete Dock Levellers

The benefits of precast concrete dock levellers

There are several factors to consider when selecting your concrete dock leveller such as the size of the loading bay, load-bearing capabilities, safety features, fire resistance, maintenance and durability. Poundfield Precast will work closely with you to address all of these considerations and take advantage of the numerous benefits that come with choosing a precast concrete dock leveller.

Unlike conventional concrete structures which are poured in-situ, precast concrete dock levellers, which are manufactured off-site, can significantly reduce construction time. As with all precast concrete fabrications, having cost certainty over this element of work will allow better management of overall project costs.

Precast concrete dock levellers are manufactured in a factory controlled environment. Not only does this ensure better quality control and consistency of production but allows manufacture to continue in all weather conditions enabling the timely completion of projects.

Precast concrete dock levellers offer excellent strength, durability and structural integrity, to withstand frequent use and heavy loads giving long-lasting performance. Concrete is inherently fire resistant and can withstand all weather conditions.

With a Poundfield Precast dock leveller, you can ensure safe access is provided for your personnel. A range of finishes are available and slip proof surfacing can be applied to the concrete to ensure their protection during loading and unloading operations. In addition, the loading dock leveller can be fitted with edge protection for additional safety.

We can also supply precast concrete insulated panels, which are suitable for refrigerated buildings where temperature control is important. Manufactured as a single unit of an insulated section sandwiched between two precast panels, installation of the panels is quick enabling them to be positioned either on top of the biscuit slabs or front wall of the dock pit system. They can also be installed above perimeter retaining walls if required and will help to achieve better U-values.

Precast Concrete Loading Bays
Warehouses and distribution centres

Flexible solutions

We offer flexible solutions for your concrete dock leveller needs suitable for various types of trucks or vehicle trailers used across different industries. With a range of options for size, shape and configuration, you can choose the best one for your loading bay. We can also work with you to design bespoke dock levellers that will optimise your warehouse or distribution centre’s performance.

Installation of our precast concrete dock leveller is relatively straightforward and can be easily performed with the right equipment and expertise. Alternatively, Poundfield Precast can carry out installation for you.

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