Precast concrete revetments and canewdon blocks

Precast concrete revetments and canewdon blocks

Revetments are sloping structures which are used to dissipate the energy in waves to reduce coastal erosion.

Revetments are sloping structures which are used to dissipate the energy in waves to reduce coastal erosion. They can be made of various materials including wood, rock or stone, and concrete. They are often built in front of sea walls to adsorb the energy of waves but are also used at the base of cliffs or along shorelines or embankments.

Poundfield Precast manufacture a range of Canewdon blocks which have been designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to flood walls. Being made of concrete they have a much longer design life than timber revetments and have very low maintenance costs.

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The advantages of revetments are that they are a cheaper solution and are less intrusive than a sea wall, as well as not restricting people walking along a beach. Also, less beach material is eroded. The Canewdon blocks have channels built into them which are designed to absorb wave energy and to reduce the effects of wave rebound. As the water hits the blocks and travels up the sloping structure the waves lose their energy. The channels can also encourage sea dwelling organisms which can be advantageous to the local ecosystem as well as greening the grey.

They are typically laid parallel to the shore and will often protect areas such as dune areas or they can also provide supplementary protection to existing sea defence structures such as seal walls.

Canewdon blocks help fix the location of the shoreline and help reduce damage to vulnerable back-beach environments.

As part of our strategy to reduce carbon footprints we manufacture Ultra Low Carbon Concrete (ULCC) Canewdon blocks where the amount of eCo2 is up to 70% lower than using OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement). We are also able to offer alternative reinforcement options including Basalt rather than steel or fibreglass to provide greener alternatives for our customers. Basalt offers several advantages when used in maritime environments where the corrosion capability of sea water can have a detrimental effect. It is estimated that by using basalt rebar that the CO2 emission will be up to 60% lower and combined with the use of ULCC (Ultra low carbon concrete) the reduction in CO2 is significant.

Case study: canewdon blocks revetment replacement at Hullbridge, Essex

At Hullbridge, on the tidal estuary of the River Crouch in Essex, an area of revetments were in need of replacement in an area classified by the Environment Agency as being at significant risk of flooding.

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