Health and safety statement

Poundfield Precast accepts it’s responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The company will take all actions as far as reasonably practicable to safeguard the health and safety of their employees, visitors, contractors and the general public.

We demonstrate our commitment by producing written policies and procedures and by performing risk assessments, safe systems of work and method statements which will be constantly monitored and updated.

The health and safety manager of the site is appointed to ensure that the following responsibilities under the Act are accorded:

  • Assess the risks in the workplace and review all risk assessments annually;
  • Have written health and safety procedures;
  • Ensure that the workplace satisfies health and safety requirements for ventilation, temperature, lighting and staff facilities;
  • Ensure safe and clear access to and egress from the building, including fire exits;
  • Regularly check the premises building by building for structural defects, worn fixtures and fittings or electrical equipment, and take necessary remedial action;
  • Ensure that all equipment is suitable and sufficient for its intended use and is properly maintained and used;
  • Ensure all staff are aware of the fire procedures; ensure that regular fire drills are carried out;
  • Ensure that all members of staff are aware of and carry out their health and safety responsibilities as set out in their job descriptions;
  • To prohibit smoking except in marked designated areas;
  • Prohibit any contractor working on the premises without prior discussion with the safety manager or having attended a heath and safety induction;
  • Provide the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) as and when required and keep records of distribution.

To discuss our full health and safety policy further please contact us and our Health & Safety manager will get back to you.