Terrace & seating

Precast concrete for stadia and seating

In stadiums or auditoriums, precast concrete provides a quick and safe method of construction. With high fire resistance and vibration resonance, concrete is ideal for terrace & seating uses.

Whether a sporting stadium, a cinema or a concert hall, terrace units can have seating fixed into them, or remain as a standing area. The smooth finish and robust nature of concrete make it ideal for these uses.

Precast concrete sections allow for quick installation, with the components being made to exact specifications, reducing alignment errors during construction. Precast terrace units can be manufactured to be meet specific demands, including differing lengths and inclines in modern, banked seating stadiums. These units are installed directly onto the superstructure itself before seating is added.

Using precast stairs, terracing, walkways, balconies and vomitory walls is cost-effective, has a high quality of finish and reduces health and safety risks on site.

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