Aquacast blocks are a new, innovative interlocking retaining wall system for use in flood defence and riverbank reinforcement.


Perfect concrete flood walling

Ideal for fast response emergencies requiring strength and durability, the blocks are quick to install and can create a temporary or permanent structure.

By overlapping at half block lengths in alternate directions the reverse slots provide a rigid format with a uniformly pitched centrally located aperture. These cavities can be filled with various materials to form permanent or temporary constructions. Steel pilings can be used through the centre of each cast to add additional reinforcement and strength when required. The blocks can be used below the water level rising above water level as needed.  Further blocks can be added to or taken away from the original structure at a later date if required.

Ideally the construction is back filled to ensure its integrity, or scalpings can be used to accommodate drainage making the blocks an excellent option for flood risk assessment and management.

It is advised that prior to the installation of a permanent structure or any structure above 1 metres tall a site survey and ground density analysis should be carried out by a structural engineer. It maybe required to apply a foundation material depending on the basic conditions of the ground and advice can be made on additional reinforcing material for the structure.

The wall system can be used with various water retaining membranes and materials to ensure water is retained. The system is flexible and can be used with a number of different jointing systems.

The Aquacast blocks have been tested at the Flood Chamber by Aquobex to the PASS standard which is sponsored by the Environment Agency.

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