Precast concrete ground and ring beams

The use of precast concrete ground beams offer many advantages to the construction industry. Manufactured in factory-controlled conditions ground beams are a cost-effective solution which are quick and easy to install on site, saving a number of site hours, labour costs and wet works.

Ground beams are typically made from reinforced concrete and are used to provide a supportive base for block and brickwork. Ground beams can also be used to provide a permanent shutter to the edge of an in-situ floor where concrete is poured onsite, and in this situation, are also referred to as ring beams.

Ground beams are normally used at foundation level to support buildings above and can either be rested directly on the ground or can be supported by end piers.  Ground beams are often used with piles where the ground beams can be connected to the piles by in situ concrete stitches.

Typically precast concrete ground beams are either square or rectangular in shape but notches for attachment to piles can be included in the final design if required. An added option is to cast with an up-stand to produce a ‘Boot beam’ providing a starter wall.

Precast Concrete Ground Beams
Precast Concrete Ring Beams
Precast Concrete Ring Beams

What are the advantages of concrete ground beams?

One of the biggest advantages of using precast concrete ground beams is that they are quick and easy to install and are far less dependent on weather conditions. Traditional foundations require significant preparation work and where ground conditions are not optimal this can result in unexpected foundation issues and increased costs, as well as delays to the project.

Where the soil bearing capacity is poor precast concrete ground beams offer far more certainty in terms of cost for the reasons outlined above.

By being manufactured in factory-controlled conditions the amount of waste is reduced and a highly consistent product is delivered, time after time. Construction deadlines can be more easily met as the production of the foundations is not reliant on the weather.

By using a precast concrete ground beam the bearing level will be known and exact, which means that when installed there will be far less levelling up required for the following trades.

Ground beams can be installed where existing ground levels are uneven and can be raised or lowered to avoid the need to reposition live underground services which can be an extremely costly process.

Ground beams are easy to offload and install and come with cast-in lifting anchors.

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