Precast concrete marine and coastal sea defence walls

Our precast concrete sea defence walls are designed to perform with outstanding durability and combine the aesthetic quality of factory produced elements to provide structures capable of withstanding the demanding environmental conditions experienced in marine and coastal applications.

In areas where the land is protected, precast concrete is an excellent choice. Particularly suited to the harsh tidal environment, precast concrete units are especially effective due to their resistance to impact, and ability to withstand the constant wetting and drying caused by the tides.

Experienced in creating precast units for a number of sectors and uses, our dedicated design and manufacturing teams are able to work from technical drawings, or create solutions from scratch, in partnership with our customers own designers or technical specifications.

Once designed and tested electronically, we create bespoke moulds in which to cast the concrete for your project. Repeat casting requires a substantial, fully engineered steel mould. These moulds are capable of producing an unlimited number of repeat casts, each one identical to the one before it.

We can create unique pieces of any shape and with specialist finishes that can be applied during the casting stage.

For added resistance to the corrosive attack by salts in sea water, glass reinforced plastic (GRP reinforcement) can be used in place of stainless steel mesh. With an equal or greater tensile strength to steel, GRP is an excellent choice for marine uses.

GRP reinforcement has an equal or greater tensile strength than that of steel but is a quarter of the weight of a steel reinforcing bar. With a good impact resistance, it has excellent static and dynamic fatigue resistant properties and is electrically non-conductive with low thermal conductivity.

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In certain situations, planning may require that a specialist finish be applied to allow the marine wall to blend in with its’ environment. By applying these finishes in a factory-controlled environment, the effect can be replicated time and again. Using the most up to date designs in rubber matting any appearance can be given to precast concrete, and more importantly, this finish can be repeated time after time.

Depending on your specification we can design a specialist marine concrete mix in accordance with BS EN 206-1 which can be used to extend the life of the finished units, to ensure that the wall can withstand the test of time and the harshness of the tidal environment. Alternatively, if you have your own mix design we will happily work with you to achieve the desired finished product.

Precast concrete sea walls – case studies

Poundfield Precast has been involved in a number of high-profile sea defence projects throughout the UK. One of the advantages of precast concrete in sea walls is its resistance to impact and its ability to withstand the constant wetting and drying caused by the tides. Read more about some of the coastal management projects we have been involved in.

Whitley Bay – bespoke sea defence wall

To protect the homes, businesses and roads of Whitley Bay, a new rear sea wall was built. The new sea wall will ensure there is no coastal erosion into Whitley Bay in future years. Poundfield supplied 1,800 bespoke sea defence wall panels to the project, each featuring a specialist bespoke patterned finish applied during the casting process.

View the Whitley Bay project

Hartlepool Headland – concrete sea wall

With rising sea levels, the existing 100-year-old sea defences were often overtopped during storms, as well as being susceptible to storm damage and erosion. As part of the coastal protection development plan, 2km of sea wall will be strengthened over a five-year period. Poundfield supplied nearly 4,000 individual precast pieces to the project, including 1,075 concrete capping beams.

View the Hartlepool Headland project

Cockenzie – sea defence structure

A new sea wall was required at Cockenzie along Scotland’s east coast to protect a new housing development. We delivered 43 L-blocs to the site to create the wall above the tidal break. To fit in with the local area and comply with planning requirements, the L-Blocs were all cast incorporating a Reckli or rough surface finish.

View the Cockenzie project

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