Shuttabloc™ precast concrete retaining wall

Shuttabloc™ precast concrete retaining wall

Poundfield's unique Shuttabloc™ precast concrete retaining wall system with internal reinforcing system has been designed to provide a faster, more economical alternative to casting in situ.

Up to 50% reduction in build time compared to full on-site construction More economical than casting walls in-situ Suitable for high spec walls that need to withstand impact or retain severe loads Only requires a concrete footing

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Sizes of the Shuttabloc™ concrete precast retaining wall

The hollow cores of the precast concrete units are pumped full of concrete once in place resulting in a solid push wall and can be designed and manufactured in a variety of heights (from 3m to 6m tall) and lengths tailored to suit your needs.

Shuttabloc™ precast concrete retaining wall Sizes
Weight4.20 tonnes5.50 tonnes6.20 tonnes7.10 tonnes

We supplied Shuttabloc™ to some of the UK’s largest companies

Ultra-low carbon concrete

As a major precast concrete manufacturer, we recognise the contribution we can make to help our customers lower their carbon footprint.

Since January 2022 every product currently manufactured by Poundfield Precast is available in an ultra-low carbon concrete option which can save up to 76% in embodied CO2 compared to a conventional concrete.

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