Marine & coastal

The power of the elements cannot be underestimated. Our precast concrete products will hold up for many decades of constant use and can withstand the harsh environmental conditions experienced in marine & coastal applications.

Precast concrete marine and coastal sea defence walls, part of our bespoke concrete product department can be erected quickly and efficiently which makes the products particularly suited to construction in a tidal environment.

In the harsh environmental conditions experienced in marine and coastal applications our precast concrete walls are designed to perform well with outstanding durability and aesthetic quality of factory produced elements, giving the suitability necessary for marine environments.

Concrete sea walls

In the UK, approximately 8% of our coastline is defended by using hard defences such as sea walls. They are an essential part of our islands sea defence infrastructure and provide a range of benefits to the environment, the economy and public safety.

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Precast concrete wave walls

Wave walls (or wave return walls) have been specifically designed to catch, deflect and redirect sea water as it hits the wall. Their distinctive curves replicate the appearance of a wave and in doing so the amount of erosion that occurs at the base of the wall is reduced. They are often positioned parallel to the coastline to break up the force of incoming waves.

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Precast Concrete Sinkers

Precast concrete sinkers have a multitude of uses in the maritime world, from mooring and navigation to fishing. These long-lasting concrete weights provide stability and balance to buoys, navigation marks and fishing lines.

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Precast Concrete Electric Vehicle Charger Bases and Slabs

As sustainable transport methods become increasingly sought after, electric vehicles are growing in popularity and the focus then turns to the charging infrastructure.

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Precast concrete for water flow management

Precast Concrete is often used as part of the flow management of water. It offers a cost-effective off-site solution. Our bespoke precast concrete culverts offer you the perfect design for your situation.

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Precast concrete marine and coastal sea defence walls

Our precast concrete sea defence walls are designed to perform with outstanding durability and combine the aesthetic quality of factory produced elements to provide structures capable of withstanding the demanding environmental conditions experienced in marine and coastal applications.

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Precast concrete solutions for flood protection

Used to protect areas from the effects of flooding, flood walling from Poundfield Precast provides a robust and long-lasting solution. Precast concrete retaining walls offer an off-site, cost-effective option that can be erected quickly and efficiently, providing either temporary or permanent flood walling solutions.

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