Taperbloc™ XL freestanding precast concrete retaining wall

Taperbloc™ XL freestanding precast concrete retaining wall

The Taperbloc XL is a freestanding precast concrete retaining wall, a heavier and more cost efficient alternative to the Alfabloc®. Designed for grain walling, waste separation and bulk storage.

Ideal for grain walling, waste separation, bulk storage, recycling materials No protruding toe makes access to stored material easier Easy to manoeuvre and reconfigure to change structure Can be loaded from both sides

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Sizes of the Taperbloc™ XL concrete precast retaining wall

The Taperbloc™ XL can be double loaded and is easily manoeuvred with the cast-in forklift tine holes.

This means that no specific lifting attachments are required and it can be installed without the need to be ground fixed.

Taperbloc™ XL freestanding precast concrete retaining wall Sizes
Depth1220mm (at base)1220mm (at base)
Weight2.84 tonnes3.02 tonnes

Ultra-low carbon concrete

As a major precast concrete manufacturer, we recognise the contribution we can make to help our customers lower their carbon footprint.

Since January 2022 every product currently manufactured by Poundfield Precast is available in an ultra-low carbon concrete option which can save up to 76% in embodied CO2 compared to a conventional concrete.

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