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Precast concrete plays an increasingly important role in the ports & shipping industry. As ever more bulk materials are stored on-site prior to delivery, storage solutions are becoming more and more necessary.


Often existing warehouses on ports have not been designed for the storage of bulk materials. Retaining walls can be used in these situations to create segregated bays, providing storage solutions and preventing cross contamination.

Designed to withstand considerable loading, our range of retaining walls are perfectly suited to solve bulk storage problems in the ports & shipping sector.

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Bulk construction aggregates like sand, gravel, stone and slag, need to be stored correctly to facilitate the easy loading onto ships or lorries.

Farm bulk


Retaining walls from Poundfield Precast can be used to store and protect agricultural bulk, such as grain, fertiliser or animal feed.

A robust and versatile solution for use in warehouses on the port to store agribulk, freestanding solutions can be easily adjusted, allowing for bay sizes to be changed quickly. Alternatively, prestressed panels cam be bolted to a frame to create a permanent agribulk store.

All solutions are watertight to protect foodstuffs.

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General dry bulk

Precast retaining walls can be utilised to separate any non-liquid cargo being transported in large quantities, including cement, coal and ores.

Recycled material

When storing recycled material it is important to effectively segregate different materials from each other.

Dividing walls or a complete push wall storage area can be easily constructed using our concrete products, which have been designed to withstand significant abuse by mechanical plant. Ideal for use in the storage of recycled material.


Timber & Wood products

To avoid timber & wood products shrinking or expanding due to changes in moisture content, it is important to store them in a waterproof environment.

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