Celebrating 25 years of Alfabloc

This year Alfabloc celebrates 25 years of providing versatile retaining wall solutions to the aggregate, waste and recycling, agriculture and ports & shipping market sectors.

Posted on: March 6th 2024    •    Posted in: Alfabloc, Poundfield Precast news
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Its popularity continues to grow, and for many good reasons.

Over the years, it has become one of the most successful retaining wall systems favoured by companies looking for a robust and flexible system which can stand the day-to-day rigours of storing bulk materials.

Easy cleaning and emptying of stores

It’s A shaped profile means there is no protruding toe for equipment to get caught on, reducing the risk of damage to the units as well as unloading equipment. It also saves valuable time when it comes to emptying and cleaning as tore.

Easy to install

As Alfablocs can be used freestanding and, in most cases, ground fixing isn’t required, this means that Alfablocs are easy to install and can be reconfigured quickly as your requirements change.

Interlock to provide one solid wall

Recessed interlocking straps attach the Alfabloc units together to provide one solid wall. This substantially increases the strength of the wall, allowing it to retain heavier loads than other, more lightweight, walls.

Available from stock

Available in heights from 1.2m to 6m and with most sizes available from stock for rapid delivery, means there are no long lead times with Alfabloc. You can add new storage bays quickly and easily and can add to the system in the future as your needs develop.

The complete package

We offer a range of accessories to provide a complete retaining wall solution, including corner units to provide continuous and gap-free storage, end covers to seal the wall units, and steel extension tops to provide even greater heights.

For a robust, heavyweight and long-lasting retaining wall solution which can grow with your business, then think Alfabloc.

Alfabloc – as popular today as it always has been.