How we get a 6m Alfabloc in the air

Posted on: February 11th 2019    •    Posted in: Alfabloc, Case studies, Retaining Walls
6 metre Alfabloc

Installing a concrete retaining wall

Measuring 6,050mm and weighing 5.2 tonnes, our 6m Alfabloc is a heavyweight unit. Delivered flat, the retaining walls need to be lifted upright in order to be moved into position.

But how do you get a 6m block upright?

As the video below shows, our install team use a specialist lifting attachment to lift the Alfabloc into place. Using a telehandler, the Alfabloc is carefully lifted into an upright orientation ready to be moved into position.


Lifting attachment

Our unique lifting attachment is designed to perfectly fit the concrete wall unit. For ease of construction, the specialist lifting attachment makes creating an Alfabloc wall a one-man operation. This is the easiest and safest method of installing an Alfabloc.

Why choose the 6m Alfabloc?

The 6m Alfabloc is one of the tallest freestanding retaining wall products on the market, for maximum storage. With no protruding toe, and its ability to withstand significant impact from mechanical plant, the Alfabloc is ideal for use in the waste & recycling and agriculture industries.

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