Retaining Wall – Alfabloc®

The Alfabloc® A frame is the original concrete retaining wall system. Designed to be freestanding in the majority of applications, it is a very structurally efficient and versatile concept.

Available in heights from 1.22m all the way through to 6m the Alfabloc® offers a flexible solution for your bulk storage needs. Requiring only a structurally solid base to sit on, these concrete walling units can be used in a wide variety of applications.

The Alfabloc® is the only interconnecting freestanding wall on the market; its patented joining mechanism aids in the spread of the load horizontally against the units. It can also be ground fixed for high loading applications. The Alfabloc® is tried and tested, and can withstand significant impacts by mechanical plant.

They are used in sectors incorporating waste & recycling, agriculture, ports, shipping, and many more.

Alfabloc® Gallery

Below are photos of the alfabloc® in use. Click to expand.

Advantages of the Alfabloc®

  • Ideal for grain walling, waste separation, bulk storage, recycling materials.
  • Freestanding in most applications.
  • No protruding toe makes them ideal for separate material bays.
  • Easy to reconfigure, meaning you can change the layout of your walls within hours.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Several different heights.
  • Can be loaded on both sides.

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