Bespoke Concrete bases used to support Solar Panels

Posted on: June 10th 2016    •    Posted in: Bespoke concrete

Our bespoke division has recently manufactured a set of 275 reinforced concrete blocks to support an array of large solar panels.

The order was placed by one of our regular customers, Travis Perkins, on behalf of Lark Energy – a Lincolnshire based provider of commercial and utility scale energy systems with a particular expertise in large solar farms and other renewable energy solutions.

The concrete blocks were used on the site of a new solar farm near Wellingborough where Lark Energy has installed nearly 18,000 PV panels, each rated at 260 watt.

Across most of the 22 acre site the panels have been erected onto a steel framework and piled into the prepared ground. However, because of an archaeological restriction on part of the land, it was necessary to find an alternative method of supporting a group of panels without excavating the ground.

The free-standing concrete bases supplied measured 2200mm long, 460mm wide and 400mm deep and were used to support both the steel framework and panels, complete with cast-in lifting points for ease of handling.