Poundfield Precast announce exciting new partnership that will unite and empower the team

In today’s world, and after experiencing a worldwide pandemic which changed how we live, we are accustomed to different ways of working.

Posted on: September 1st 2023    •    Posted in: Staff news
Create a positive team experience

This has helped us to become more flexible and adaptable to changing needs and demands in the workplace and has also made us aware that we need to find new ways of interacting with one another, in order to maintain a happy and productive team.

In recognition of this, Poundfield have invested in a new venture for staff to help create a positive team experience for everyone. Working with PepTalk, we will be providing employees with an award winning Team Experience platform that will help everyone feel more connected. By providing a platform that staff can interact with on a regular basis, the aim is to help everyone to feel seen, heard, valued and supported so they can positively contribute to the success of the business.

The platform focuses on developing three key areas to create a happy, high performing team:

Human Connection – Increasing connection and belonging in our teams
Leaders As Coaches – Educating and supporting our leaders to become coaches
Team Growth – Learning and developing together as an aligned team

There are a number of useful features on the platform, including a monthly team check-in, where employees can anonymously express how they are feeling, helping issues to be spotted and addressed before they grow into larger problems. TeamTalk is another feature which encourages conversations about life outside of work which can help managers get to know their team and colleagues to build a stronger connection with one another.

Tim Capey, General Manager of Poundfield said “The happiness and wellbeing of our staff is vitally important to the success of Poundfield Precast and we want everyone to feel part of the team. This innovative and interactive platform will help us to achieve that and we cannot wait for everyone to start using PepTalk and reap the rewards.”

PepTalk is expected to bring many benefits to Poundfield Precast including improved safety performance, increased staff retention, reduced psychological risk and reduced absenteeism, which in turn will lead to an effective and productive workforce.

With access to Reporting and Analytics, we can also measure the team’s engagement and how it is impacting on business success. Using this data, we can plan ahead and invest appropriately in methods that work across the whole business.

We’re delighted to be partnering with Poundfield Precast. It’s exciting to work with forward thinking companies like Poundfield who are proactive in addressing the needs of their employees and who value the role that Team Experience™ plays in building trust and connection between leaders and their teams. We’re looking forward to working with the team and supporting them along their journey” James Brogan, CEO, PepTalk.

You can find out more about how the PepTalk platform works at peptalk.com.