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Gatebloc Concrete Security Walling

Keep trespassers, fly tippers and other unwanted visitors out of your fields whilst allowing tractors to pass over the Gatebloc without having to move the barrier every time.

We’re helping farmers keep unwanted visitors out of their fields with the introduction of Gatebloc. Designed to allow tractors and sprayers to easily enter a field, the Gatebloc stops cars, vans and 4 x 4’s due to its clever design.


Gatebloc Concrete Security Walling

Traditionally farmers have had to rely on concrete blocks to block field entrances where fly tipping or trespassers are a problem. However, the difficulty of this is that when they then want to enter the field the concrete blocks have to be physically moved, which takes time and requires a front end loader of some description to move them out of the way. They then have to be put back when they have finished in the field. By using Gatebloc, tractors and sprayers can enter the field easily without causing any down time, whilst at the same time keeping cars and vans out.

Gateblocs are also a good alternative to gates as they save time having to open and shut them.

Gateblocs are available in 2 different profiles

Available in two different profiles the Gatebloc are 3.45 metres wide.

Gatebloc Sizes

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