Security barriers for crowd control at stadiums

Alfastop security barriers play a pivotal role in orchestrating order and safety at large-scale events at stadiums and venues.

Alfastop has been specifically designed to work with Heras fencing to provide a much more stable and secure barrier solution to help with crowd control.

Conventional Heras fencing has the disadvantage of being easily toppled over, especially if banners have been attached to them, which can make them prone to being blown over.

The risk of this is significantly reduced by using the Alfastop with Heras fencing, as the Alfastop’s weight of 1.74 tonnes provides a robust and secure platform that can only be moved with a forklift.

Benefits of Alfastop® precast concrete security barriers

  • Designed specifically to work with a standard Heras fence panel
  • Can be swiftly installed
  • Significantly reduces the risk of the fencing being blown or knocked over
  • Can be customized with event branding and safety information
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Can be moved with a forklift to reposition the units
  • Can be used as both a temporary and permanent solution
  • Low or zero maintenance

The combination of the Alfastop concrete barrier and Heras fencing offers the best of both worlds, providing a reliable method of crowd control and security for stadiums.

Alfastop® precast concrete security barriers
Alfastop® precast concrete security barriers

Case study: Coventry Building Society Arena

We supplied a large number of Alfastop units to Coventry Building Society Arena, which are used for crowd control to direct supporters visiting match games of Coventry City Football Club. Being adjacent to a railway station, it was important to guide fans to the correct area as quickly and safely as possible.

Maximise the usefulness of your crowd control barriers with your own branding

The Heras fencing can be branded using skins or covers, or alternatively, banners can be attached to the panels. Customisation options for event branding not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the security barriers, but also serve as effective marketing tools. Event organisers can seamlessly integrate branding and safety information, maximising the usefulness of the Alfastop crowd control barriers.

Ultimately, the responsible and informed use of crowd control barriers stands as a testament to an organiser’s commitment to safety, order, and the enhancement of event experiences.

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