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Retaining Wall – Shuttabloc™

Precast retaining wall with internal reinforcing system

Poundfields unique Shuttabloc™ concrete retaining wall system has been designed to provide a faster, more economical alternative to casting in-situ.

Whilst traditional precast concrete units are suitable for retaining bulk materials in many circumstances, some situations require a higher specification to withstand impacts from loading plant or to retain higher loads. It is for these situations that the Shuttabloc™ is ideal. No onsite formwork, faster installation and a factory controlled finish results in a product that is flexible, cost effective and designed to exactly the same properties as an in-situ wall.

We offer a tailored solution to your requirements and work with you to provide a design that you are happy with. The Shuttabloc™ retaining wall can be manufactured in a variety of heights and lengths to suit your needs. The hollow cores of the precast units are pumped full of concrete once in place resulting in a solid push wall that is tied in together and capable of withstanding significant impacts and loads.

The Shuttabloc™ system has been used for a wide variety of applications including silage clamps, security walls, bulk storage and push walls. Offering a complete package from the moment we receive your enquiry; our friendly sales and design team can assist you with your proposal and talk through the various options, whilst our experienced installation technicians can manage and run the deliveries, off-loading, fixing, pumping and finishing of the units.

Advantages of the Shuttabloc include:

  • Up to 50% reduction in build time
  • More economical than casting walls in situ.
  • Suitable for high spec walls needing to withstand impact or retain heavy loads.
  • No foundation slab required.
  • No on site formwork required.

This product is professionally designed and the performance has been calculated by our structural engineer. All applications and use of our products must be in line with our guidance, based on the specific capabilities, which is advised by our trained sales team.

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