Freestanding retaining wall

Freestanding Retaining Wall – Taperbloc™ XL

The Taperbloc™ XL has been designed from evolution of the original Taperbloc™ as a direct response to the needs and demands of our customer’s and the industries to supply a freestanding retaining wall unit but not to the same capabilities of the Alfabloc.

Unlike the lighter original product the new Taperbloc™ XL is designed to be a much heavier unit offering a freestanding alternative without the need to be ground fixed. This product provides easy installation and maneuverability with the cast in fork lift tine holes meaning that no specific lifting attachments are required.

With the option of 2.4m or 3.0m, weighing 2.9t and 3.0t respectively, the Taperbloc™ XL is the perfect, cost efficient, alternative product to provide a flexible freestanding retaining wall. These units however can only store materials level filled, with no surcharge.

We are able to supply corners and end covers to cater for your specific needs allowing you to create storage bays for grain storage, silage clamps, aggregate bays, waste management and many more applications in the agricultural, storage and waste management markets.

Advantages of the Taperbloc™ XL

  • Freestanding
  • Ideal for grain walling, waste separation, bulk storage, recycling materials
  • No protruding toe makes access to stored material easier
  • Easy to manoeuvre and reconfigure to change structure
  • Can be double loaded
  • Increases storage capacity

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