Quality Precast Concrete

At Poundfield Precast we pride ourselves on producing quality precast concrete of the highest standard. Our mission surrounding quality is imbedded within our organisations culture and flows through each part of the business from supply chain to end product.

In May 2014 we were awarded the CE mark accreditation for our retaining wall and flooring products in respect of:

EN 15258:2008 – Precast concrete products. Retaining wall elements

EN 15037-1:2005 – Precast concrete products. Beam and block floor systems

EN 14992:2007 – Precast concrete products. Wall elements

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Quality policy statement

The single most important factor in Quality Control is to produce quality products to the customers’ requirements. At Poundfield Precast we know that everyone will play their part in a Quality Control programme that monitors quality and reports on the conformance requirements.

Qualified personnel are required to learn either through accredited courses or via training gained from hands-on experience in precast and prestressed concrete production.

Items to be monitored and compared with standards include:

  1. Design management of drawings
  2. Quality of raw materials
  3. Quality of the mould
  4. Concrete quality
  5. Positioning of reinforcement
  6. Pouring and consolidation quality
  7. Product dimensions
  8. Curing of concrete
  9. Handling, storing and transporting the finished product
  10. Record keeping

At Poundfield Precast we strive for continuous improvement. We believe there are substantial benefits to be derived from documenting our materials and procedures – especially for those products that do not meet our standards – in order for us to develop corrective actions so that non-conforming issues are reduced or even eliminated in the future.