Precast Retaining Wall - Betaloc® XL

Concrete Retaining Block – Betaloc® XL

The Betaloc® XL is our brand name for an interlocking building  concrete retaining block, Betabloc® XL provides a highly flexible construction system using interconnecting concrete blocks.

Our standard unit is 800 x 800 x 1600 mm long, made of solid concrete and weighs approximately 2.4 tonnes. With 2 lifting points the units are quick and easy to install, thanks to the stacking design of the units provided by an interlocking system. We also produce a half unit allowing for a flush finish to your walling, if require, which is 800mm in length.

Once in place the wall is ready for use; the only requirement prior to installation is to have a sound and level base. It is not however recommended that the wall exceeds 2.40m in height if being used as a retaining wall.

The fact that the Betabloc® XL blocks can be removed and relocated at any time makes them suitable for both temporary and permanent structures. Perfect for constructing storage areas, dividing walls, perimeter or retaining walls, Poundfield’s block by block design allows you to design a wall specific to your requirements and allows complete freedom to modify or expand it in the future.

Advantages of the Betaloc® XL

  • Ideal retaining wall system
  • Rapid and flexible construction
  • Light weight and easy installation
  • Immediately useable
  • Expandable and moveable

Loading tables for the Betaloc® XL

1 Block
2 Blocks
3 Blocks
4 Blocks
5 Blocks
6 Blocks
Soil (Level)
Soil (Surcharged)
Aggregate/Sand (Level)
Aggregate/Sand (Surcharged)
Grain (Level)
Grain (Surcharged)
Co-Mingled Waste (Level)
Co-Mingled Waste (Surcharge)
Woodchip (Level)
Woodchip (Surcharge)

This product is professionally designed and the performance has been calculated by our structural engineer. All applications and use of our products must be in line with our guidance, based on the specific capabilities, which is advised by our trained sales team.

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