Concrete sea defence walls

Our precast concrete marine and coastal sea defence walls can be erected quickly and efficiently. This makes the products particularly suited to construction in a tidal environment.

Sea Defence
Sea Defence

In the harsh environmental conditions experienced in marine and coastal applications, our precast concrete walls are designed to perform well with outstanding durability and aesthetic quality of factory produced elements, giving the suitability necessary for marine environments.

All our marine and coastal defence wall units come with the option of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) reinforcement, which is resistant to the corrosive attack by salts in sea water and offers some important benefits over steel rebar.

GRP reinforcement has an equal or greater tensile strength than that of steel but is a quarter of the weight of a steel reinforcing bar. With a good impact resistance, it has excellent static and dynamic fatigue resistant properties, and is electrically non-conductive with low thermal conductivity.

It is possible, subject to design criteria, to apply an aesthetic finish to the product that will blend into the marine environment. Using the most up to date designs in rubber matting any appearance can be given to precast concrete, and more importantly, this finish can be repeated time after time in a factory controlled environment.

Depending on your specification we can design a specialist marine concrete mix in accordance with BS EN 206-1 which can be used to extend the life of the finished units, to ensure that the wall can withstand the test of time and the harshness of the tidal environment. Alternatively, if you have your own mix design we will happily work with you to achieve the desired finished product.

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