Precast Concrete Retaining Wall - Silage clamp

Silage clamp

Creating a silage clamp which will provide a robust and structural solution to the storage of silage waste is possible with our range of concrete retaining wall products.

Our interlocking and connecting systems can provide a secure area to store silage. The connecting units can be sealed to reduce the air surrounding the silage which will improve the nutritional quality and palatability of the product.

In order to provide a safe and secure silage clamp, particularly when under the pressure of being rolled, we manufacture a number of concrete units that can be bolted down or cast in, giving you the security that the wall will withstand the pressure.

Alternatively, prestressed concrete panels can be used for a purpose built silage clamp. The horizontal concrete panels can be fixed to an existing or new steel frame. We manufacture panels to most sizes and with a range of thickness.

Recommended products for creating a silage clamp

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