Anaerobic digestion waste plant

Anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion is well suited for the agricultural industry, to deal with waste residues and crops. With a number of opportunities arising from anaerobic digestion, we have the manufacturing expertise and solution to ensuring you have the correct storage facility for your feedstock.

It is important to ensure that feedstock is retained within a secure area, whether this is for your own on-site digestion or storage for transfer to a larger site, when dealing with waste there is a legal responsibility to ensure that storage does not harm the environment.

Our interlocking and connecting systems are ideal for the safe storage of feedstock. With the use of sealant our units provide a watertight barrier to prevent any harmful substances escaping.

From small scale on-site digestion to large centralised facilities we offer a range of storage solutions either freestanding, giving you the option to adjust or move storage area or fixed into place, providing a higher level of resistance against loading and machinery impact.

Recommended products for anaerobic digestion

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