Precast Concrete Retaining Wall - Waste Recycling

Waste recycling plants

It is important for a waste transfer station or material waste recycling facility to have the right structure in place which can handle the variety of stresses and impact from storing and moving waste materials.

Experience has shown that our concrete products can withstand significant abuse by mechanical plant used in dealing with waste recycling.

We manufacture concrete products which offer a multi purpose and a flexible fixing solution to create dividing walls or a complete push wall storage area.

Our concrete retaining wall systems offer the ability to have a temporary, freestanding and durable dividing or push wall to suit your waste recycling needs. With the changing requirements for storage, the ability to move your walling system to meet those needs is of significant benefit.

Alternatively, for a more permanent fixing solution we manufacture units that can be bolted down or cast in. In some cases the loading requirements dictate that the units must be ground fixed, giving you the security that the wall will withstand the pressure of loading and impact of machinery.

Recommended products for waste recycling

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